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Many serious accidents involve pedestrians and bicyclists

| Jan 5, 2015 | Car Accidents

The streets of Baton Rouge are nearly always bustling with activity. Commercial trucks, passenger vehicles and motorcycles share the roadways in a sometimes precarious ballet. Bicycles and pedestrians are allowed to be on the same roads, but they do not enjoy the same relative safety since they are virtually unprotected in comparison. For this reason, few accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists are minor — in fact, many are considered serious accidents.

The fact that they are vulnerable is not lost on most bicycle riders and pedestrians. Even when they do everything they can to remain safe, they are still reliant upon everyone else on the road not to violate their duty of care to the others on Baton Rouge’s roads. The probability of an accident occurring rises dramatically when a driver fails to pay attention or is impaired.

Distracted or impaired drivers may not have the presence of mind to leave ample space around a pedestrian or bicycle rider. A driver may neglect to yield the right-of-way because he or she is not paying attention. The failure to watch for obstacles could result in a bicyclist or pedestrian being hit as he or she crosses the street.

No matter what the cause of the crash, the injuries can be serious or even fatal. If you or a family member of your family has suffered serious injuries in a vehicle vs. pedestrian/bicyclist accident, a personal injury claim could result in an award of damages often seen in serious accidents if the evidence shows that you or your family member were injured as the result of a negligent driver. Proving negligence is also required in a wrongful death claim if you have lost a loved one to this type of accident.