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Speed suspected factor in deadly Louisiana car accident

Younger Louisiana drivers will often take risks behind the wheel of a car that older, more experienced drivers would find foolhardy. A young person's sense of immortality will sometimes preclude them from understanding the potential consequences of their actions on the roadways. Someone who does not have a significant amount of experience driving may not realize just how little control he or she has -- or how easily a car accident can occur -- the faster he or she drives.

Louisiana road construction site accidents can be deadly

Louisiana men and women who work at road construction sites assume risks that other construction workers do not have to think about. Vehicles are always speeding by these individuals, and many of them are especially vulnerable if they are not afforded the protection of being inside a vehicle. Road construction site accidents occur far too often on America's roadways, and far too many are deadly.

Drunk driving suspected in fatal Louisiana collision

Some people who consume alcohol or drugs and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle fail to take into account that their actions may have consequences. A driver who is impaired suffers from diminished capacity, which can easily lead to an accident. Drunk driving crashes are some of the most preventable tragedies on Louisiana's roadways.

Alleged drugged driver involved in car accident that killed teen

Alcohol is not the only substance that can impair a driver's abilities behind the wheel. It is also hazardous for a driver to drive while taking prescription drugs or illegal narcotics. The Louisiana State Police believe a 19-year-old man was under the influence of drugs at the time of a recent car accident involving his vehicle and another vehicle occupied by three sisters.

Motorcycle injuries can be debilitating and permanent

Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is advisable, but it may also provide a false sense of security to the rider. Even when wearing a helmet, motorcycle injuries can be debilitating and permanent if an accident occurs. Frankly, a helmet and leathers are no match for the metal, heavy-duty plastic and other materials that make up the size and weight of larger vehicles on Louisiana's roads.

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