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Rear end collisions can leave victims with lasting injuries

| Nov 13, 2014 | Car Accidents

Most Louisiana drivers are aware that accidents can occur as they travel the state’s highways and streets. Not as many drivers consider the fact that they can become victims of accidents while sitting still at a stop sign or traffic signal. While rear end collisions often occur under these conditions, they can also happen if both vehicles are in motion.

A vehicle can slam into the back of another with enough force to cause serious injuries and even death. The most common injuries in these accidents are to the back, neck and head. Sometimes, these injuries are severe enough to cause permanent disability.

Even performing the most basic tasks can cause immense pain, which can affect every aspect of your life. Returning to work could take a long time — if it is possible at all. You may even have to change careers because you are no longer able to perform the duties you were able to perform prior to the accident.

Some Louisiana residents end up paralyzed or with brain damage. In these cases, the victims’ lives will not likely ever be the same. While some injuries may require regular medical maintenance, these types of injuries may require lifelong medical care and other support. Paying for that care could become overwhelming.

Filing a personal injury claim could provide you with the financial resources necessary to continue to receive medical care and to pay for other damages such as loss of income. It will first be necessary to prove negligence on the part of the driver determined to be at fault, however. Consulting an attorney familiar with proving negligence in rear end collisions could help you obtain all of the damages to which you may be entitled under Louisiana law.