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Days after car accident, state Senator's mother dies

Louisiana state Senator Dan Claitor received a phone call that no one ever wants to get. His mother and father were involved in a car accident, and his 80-year-old mother ended up in the hospital with critical injuries. His 88-year-old father was sitting in the front passenger seat and escaped serious injury.

Drunk driving suspected in Louisiana car crash deaths

Each year, numerous people around the country, and here in Louisiana, are killed by drivers who get behind the wheel of their vehicles after drinking. These drunk driving accidents are some of the most preventable and tragic crashes that occur, since the driver made the choice to operate a vehicle even though he or she was impaired. Police believe that a 23-year-old man recently made this choice and caused an accident that took the lives of two men.

3 car accident in Louisiana kills 5-year-old child

Any death is devastating to a family, but when a child dies, it is truly heartbreaking.  Emergency personnel here in Louisiana have seen their share of this heartbreak.  One thing that might make it even more difficult is when a child dies in a car accident believed to have been caused by the person who was responsible for their care and safety. 

Tanker driver's fiery death may lead to wrongful death claim

Louisiana residents may be used to seeing reports of accidents involving large trucks and cars. It is not uncommon for the occupants of passenger vehicles to suffer severe injuries and even death, while the occupants of the trucks suffer little or no injuries. However, in an accident that recently occurred in New Orleans, the situation was quite the opposite and may lead to a wrongful death claim.

Family mourns the sudden death of Louisiana man

A family who recently lost a loved on living in Louisiana is upset by the outcome of the investigation into his death.  His sudden death occurred when he was struck by a vehicle.  However, police do not believe that the actions of the driver that hit him were criminal.

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