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September 2014 Archives

Louisiana man charged in out-of-state man's sudden death

An out-of-state man was traveling west on Interstate 10 here in Louisiana when the unthinkable happened.  Another vehicle slammed into his.  Now, the Louisiana man driving that vehicle is facing charges in connection with the out-of-state man's sudden death.

Alcohol suspected in Louisiana car accident death

Regardless of the amount of times a law enforcement officer has seen first hand the effects fo drinking and driving, a police officer may still believe that he or she is capable of driving after consuming alcohol.  However, alcohol affects police officers the same way it does everyone else, which can easily lead to a serious or deadly crash.  In fact, the Louisiana State Police recently reported that an off-duty officer involved in a car accident death on LA 433 near an Interstate 10 junction is suspected of being drunk at the time of the wreck.

Garbage truck kills 1 in car accident

Many crashes seem to be caused by impatient drivers. Louisiana drivers may already be aware that the center median pass through, or cut out, is for law enforcement use only. No matter what their reason may be for crossing this barrier, these people can potentially cause a fatal car accident. A recent accident was caused by someone apparently not heeding this commonly known fact.

Was trucker negligence responsible for recent crash?

Law enforcement officials in Louisiana are attempting to determine what caused a recent accident involving at least two vehicles. One of those vehicles was identified as a logging truck. Local authorities have called in assistance to help ascertain whether trucker negligence was the cause of the crash.