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July 2014 Archives

Louisiana woman victim of fatal car accident

The loss of a loved one is always a difficult experience, especially when the death is sudden and unexpected. One family has recently had to endure this kind of tragedy when a woman was killed in a car accident. The wreck involved two vehicles, resulted in two other people also suffering injuries and has Louisiana authorities still working to determine the cause.

Family faces unexpected loss of a loved one in Louisiana wreck

No one ever thinks that the last time they spoke with a family member will be the last words they ever hear from him or her. However, many families across the country face the unexpected loss of a loved one in accidents every single day. For example, a recent wreck in Louisiana has taken one man from his family forever.

Louisiana State Police investigating car accident death

Every driver in Louisiana should obey the rules of the road, and many people often do. However, nearly everyone has sped, rolled through a stop sign or made an illegal u-turn without consequence. Unfortunately, there are times when the failure to pay attention to traffic signs leads to a car accident death.

Louisiana car accident kills 1 and injures 5

Not all accidents can be avoided. Sometimes it takes a moment or just a blink of an eye for things to begin to go horribly wrong and potentially cause a car accident. Louisiana residents might have either heard or read about a recent crash that killed a Louisiana woman.