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Driver ordered to pay $2M in damages for fatal car accident

Drinking and driving may be one of the main causes of death on the nation’s roadways. Many Louisiana residents are no longer shocked when they hear a news report regarding a fatal car accident where at least one of the drivers was considered intoxicated by law enforcement officials. Unfortunately, this sort of story has become far too commonplace.

A recent news story involved a 27-year-old woman driver who slammed into another vehicle back in 2009. As it turns out, she was driving while intoxicated. Her decision to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking took the life of one woman and injured another man.

The drunk driver was arrested, tried for her crime and served a year in the West Baton Rouge Parish jail for this car accident. She must complete another 16 months of supervised probation before her debt to society regarding this tragic car accident is considered fulfilled. Recently, a Louisiana court determined the amount of restitution the woman must pay in accordance with Louisiana law. The woman was ordered to pay $550,000 to the driver of the other car for his serious injuries and $1.5 million to the family of the deceased woman who was ejected from the car upon impact. Sadly, the deceased victim's seven-year-old son was left without a mother.

The loss of this child's mother in this car accident could have life-long effects. Receiving financial restitution for her loss could help with the expenses her family incurred and possibly provide for her son. However, it will never bring back the one thing he may want the most – his mother. Victims and families of deceased victims in accidents across the state of Louisiana that were caused by another party's negligent actions reserve the right to file personal injury or wrongful death claims in a civil court for many of the damages they have suffered.

Source:, "$2M damages in 2009 DWI injury and death", , May 31, 2014

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