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June 2014 Archives

2 dead, 3 injured in Louisiana car accident

Most Louisiana residents already know that almost anything can distract a driver while they are behind the wheel. Whether caused by the sun’s reflection, a stray animal or a ringing cell phone, it takes only a second for a driver to glance away from the road before it could result in a tragedy. This is how a fatal car accident may start.

1 injured in Louisiana motorcycle accident

Obeying all applicable traffic laws is expected of all drivers on the road. There are those who either neglect to follow these rules of the road or may feel that the rules simply do not apply to them. This may cause Louisiana residents to become unwilling participants in a potentially serious, or even fatal, car or motorcycle accident.

Tragic car accident in Louisiana claims the lives of 2 drivers

A Louisiana accident recently claimed the life of two people. The crash actually involved a total of four vehicles. One person involved in the car accident suffered minor injuries that were not considered life-threatening and another remarkably left the scene with no injuries.

Driver ordered to pay $2M in damages for fatal car accident

Drinking and driving may be one of the main causes of death on the nation’s roadways. Many Louisiana residents are no longer shocked when they hear a news report regarding a fatal car accident where at least one of the drivers was considered intoxicated by law enforcement officials. Unfortunately, this sort of story has become far too commonplace.