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1 killed in suspected DUI-related car accident

The inherent dangers of driving while impaired should be well-known to most Louisiana drivers. For instance, Drivers can become impaired from the use of either alcohol or prescription drugs. External influences such as these can cause diminished judgment and decision-making skills while behind the wheel of a car and could cause a car accident.

Louisiana motorcycle accident involves minor, results in fatality

Running a stop sign is one of the more common traffic laws that individuals do not heed. This lack of stopping could be due to impatience, distracted driving, impairment or any number of other factors. However, failure to stop at an intersection could result in a motorcycle accident and also cause serious or fatal injuries to those involved.

3 Louisiana children hurt after car accident

Louisiana school children waiting to board their bus most likely have many things on their minds before the school day begins. It is doubtful if they worry about being involved in a serious car accident. However, three of those children may have a difficult time forgetting their terrifying experience.

1 dead, 1 hurt seriously in Louisiana fatal car accident

While there may be spans of distance between Louisiana towns, some people try to close the distance by driving faster. Driving at excessive speeds requires a larger degree of control over the vehicle. Unfortunately, the faster the driver goes, the more likely that the drive could end in a car accident.

Louisiana man killed in head-on car accident

Most Louisiana drivers are diligent and understand the possible dangers on the road. Although, no matter how well a person drives, he or she may become involved in a car accident with little or no warning. When that happens, it is only natural to want to know what went wrong.

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