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Louisiana car accident injures 1, kills 1

It seems that some Louisiana drivers become complacent and neglect to follow some of the basic rules of driving. Paying attention to the road and the driver's surroundings is essential in avoiding a car accident that could result in serious injury or death. This includes keeping an eye out for others that may share the streets, including pedestrians and cyclists, who have just as much right to be on the roads as anyone else.

Louisiana car accident kills passenger, driver charged

Most Louisiana drivers are aware of the dangers associated with drinking and driving. Unfortunately, that seems to have little impact on the general population. Many people continue to drink and drive, placing the lives of those near them at risk. This is how a recent fatal car accident began.

1 dead, 1 injured in fatal car accident in Louisiana

Louisiana drivers may already know how important it is for a driver to pay attention to everything around their vehicle. This means not just what is directly in front of them. It seems that too many drivers count on the next person to be paying attention to where he or she is going instead of knowing and keeping track of traffic on all sides of their own vehicle at any given moment. Otherwise, they may not see a potential car accident until it is too late to do anything about it.

Possible drunk driving motorcycle accident kills Louisiana rider

Driving in Louisiana can sometimes be a dangerous task. As many residents may already know from daily commutes or even just recreational trips, there are often smaller vehicles such as motorcycles on the road; and drivers need to keep an eye out for them. When drivers of larger vehicles fail to remember that there are two-wheel vehicles on the road with them, it could lead to a bicycle or motorcycle accident. When a driver has been drinking and driving, the ability to notice such vehicles is reduced, and things can turn deadly in a heartbeat.

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