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Louisiana man dies in hit-and-run motorcycle accident

Most Louisiana drivers understand that they owe a duty of reasonable care to their passengers and to others on or near the roadway. The laws apply to everyone, no matter what kind of vehicle they are driving. If these simple, yet important requirements are ignored, it could easily lead to a car or motorcycle accident.

2 die in Louisiana car accident, drunk driving suspected

The dangerous effects that drinking and driving have on drivers and passengers on the highways are well-known to most Louisiana residents. The slowed reactions and impaired judgment can cause a fatal car accident in a matter of seconds. For two men that were traveling on Interstate 55 around 4:30 am one recent morning, those deadly effects would become all too apparent.

1 dead, 1 injured in single car accident in Louisiana

Driving can sometimes seem monotonous to Louisiana drivers. It may feel as if a driver's car is practically driving itself because the driver is so relaxed behind the wheel. Unfortunately, when a driver fails to maintain adequate control of his or her vehicle, a car accident can happen.

Update: Drunk driving case goes to trial in Louisiana

There was a recent follow-up to the story that was first reported here on Jan. 22 ("Louisiana boy killed by neighbor in car accident"). It refers to the death of a 6-year-old boy who not only fell off of his scooter, but was also run over by his next door neighbor who was allegedly drunk driving at the time. The boy was crushed by the neighbor's pickup truck on Sept. 24, 2012. Now that the case has gone to trial, the question becomes if the driver is guilty of a DUI-related negligent homicide in the death of the boy or was the accident simply unavoidable.

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