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Man dies in Louisiana pedestrian vs. car accident

Louisiana residents may know that walking after dark has its own set of dangers. Regardless, many people have no choice but to walk to their destination even after the sun goes down knowing that not being able to see where they are walking or walking into poorly lit areas might cause injury or even death. Regardless, drivers do bear the duty to exercise reasonable care when driving, especially when pedestrians might be present. Under some circumstances, the presence of both motor vehicles and pedestrians might lead to a serious, or even fatal, car accident.

Multiple Louisiana truck accidents result in chemical spill

One of the most dangerous conditions for any driver to face might be icy roads. This road condition is unpredictable because the road is slippery and a vehicle's tires can no longer keep a firm grip on the road, which can cause anyone to lose control of his or her vehicle. For Louisiana 18-wheeled truck drivers, it must be that much harder. Their trucks are so big and do not respond like passenger cars when trying to avoid possible truck accidents.

Man suspected of DWI charged in Louisiana 3 car accident death

Almost anyone who has a driver's license in Louisiana is aware of the dangers of driving while impaired. Obviously, the potential for causing a car accident death increases when a driver is not fully in control of his or her faculties. Whether alcohol, drugs or prescription medications impair a driver, the number of people getting behind the wheel of a car after consuming such substances seems to be on the rise.

Louisiana car accident leaves 1 pedestrian dead and 1 injured

Many Louisiana residents might agree that pedestrians are more vulnerable to injury when compared to those in vehicles. Pedestrians are often forced to share the roadways with vehicles when there are no sidewalks or they cross streets. It is at these points when a person walking and risking bodily injury could he or she become most impacted by a pedestrian vs. car accident.

Louisiana car accident kills 1 and injures 3 on I-10

Many motorists drive Interstate 10 through Louisiana every year. The sheer number of vehicles traveling this well-worn stretch of interstate increases the possibility of becoming involved in a car accident. Not surprisingly, numerous accidents occur each year, some of them fatal.

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