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December 2013 Archives

Possible wrongful death after Louisiana crash

No one can ever predict what might happen to him or her while walking along a Louisiana two-lane road. Most everyone here in Louisiana knows the dangers of walking after dark. Drivers might not see a pedestrian until it is too late and the wrongful death of a pedestrian can occur.

Louisiana car accident kills 1, injures 2

It is safe to say that most Louisiana drivers know the importance of paying attention to the road while driving. The moment that a driver's gaze is not on what is in front of him or her, a car accident can happen. This is especially true when negotiating curves. Unfortunately, one Louisiana woman was unable to control her vehicle through a curve and a multiple car accident was the result.

1 dead, 1 critically injured in Louisiana car accident

Passengers literally put their lives into the hands of drivers every time they get into a car. Thousands of rides may pass uneventfully, but occasionally, a car accident occurs. Recently, a mid-morning drive led to tragedy for a passenger riding in a car with a woman on Interstate 10 in Louisiana.

Woman killed in Louisiana car accident

There are many potential dangers that Louisiana residents may face throughout the day and not even realize it. These could range from stubbing your toe on the coffee table to a horrific car accident. There may not be anything more terrifying, however, than staring death in the face during a head-on collision.