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October 2013 Archives

Driver involved in car accident death receives prison sentence

A woman was sentenced to two years in prison for her role in an auto accident that resulted in the wrongful deaths of five people. She will be serving her two years of confinement doing hard labor at a prison in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Two of the five victims were under ten years of age. In the state of Louisiana, when a car accident death involves a victim under ten years of age, it opens the door to a wider range of punishment in verdicts.

Baton Rouge Metro Council votes to keep red light cameras

We have all seen the red light cameras that sit atop street lights in Baton Rouge. Like vigilant watchdogs, they catch hurried drivers who just miss the yellow light. With the red light, however, comes the snapping of the camera's shutter. Soon after, the driver comes home to a ticket in the mail.

Police say DUI caused boat vs. jet ski crash on Ouachita River

Just like drivers in Louisiana must adhere to traffic laws, those who use our waterways are also required to follow certain rules. One of those rules is that the operator of a boat or other type of watercraft must be sober. Drunk boating is illegal and can be very dangerous for the intoxicated boater, his or her passengers, and others on the water. A recent accident on the Ouachita River shows just how dangerous drunk boating can be.

Drunk driver intentionally hits South Baton Rouge home

When thinking about a car accident scenario, most people think about two vehicles colliding. While there are certainly variations of this -- several cars colliding or a single vehicle veering off the road -- there is definitely a common car accident scenario. Recently in South Baton Rouge, however, one man broke the mold in a strange crash that may have authorities scratching their heads.