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9 injured in crash in Pointe Coupee Parish

| Aug 13, 2013 | Car Accidents

Anyone in Louisiana who watches the news or reads the local paper knows how often car accidents happen in the Baton Rouge area. Car accidents happen so often that it becomes easy to regard them as a fact of life — something that is inevitable. Car accidents, however, are not inevitable in all situations. Many destructive car accidents could have been avoided if a driver had followed traffic laws, put down a cellphone, or called a taxi instead of trying to drive home after drinking.

Unfortunately, a seemingly avoidable crash occurred outside of Baton Rouge yesterday evening. Two cars collided around 6:00 on LA 1 near Morganza, northwest of Baton Rouge. A total of nine people were injured.

So far, Louisiana State Police have not released details about what exactly caused the crash. They did say, however, that they issued a citation to one of the drivers for careless operation. Fortunately, no one suffered severe injuries.

While we don’t know what caused this crash, the fact that one driver was cited for careless driving is enough to suggest that this crash could have been avoided. Unfortunately, one person’s carelessness has left nine people injured.

Drivers rarely mean to cause a car accident, but that does not excuse poor driving. Victims can end up with expensive medical bills and lengthy recovery time. The lucky ones fully recover, but some may be left with permanent injuries or disabilities. Hopefully Baton Rouge-area drivers will learn from the accidents of others and be cautious while behind the wheel.

Source: WAFB, “2-car crash leaves 9 injured, one driver cited,” Aug. 12, 2013