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Did your doctor fail to diagnose your preeclampsia?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for expectant mothers but it can often come with health challenges. Your body is changing in ways that are foreign to you and it's difficult to know what is or isn't normal. That's why pregnant women trust their doctors to notice what symptoms are typical and which ones are concerning.

However, too often doctors fail their pregnant patients and miss or ignore signs of pregnancy complications that endanger an expectant mother's health. One of the most common misdiagnosable pregnancy conditions is preeclampsia.

The dangers of exploding e-cigarettes

As regular smoking becomes less acceptable and harder than ever to do in public, e-cigarettes are gaining in popularity like never before.

Unfortunately, e-cigs are also prone to exploding. Just recently, a 24-year-old man from Texas was seriously wounded after an exploding e-cig embedded shrapnel in his neck. He died a few days later, on Jan. 29. According to reports, the e-cig was brand new and exploded on him the very first time that he tried to use it.

Louisiana woman killed after being struck by multiple vehicles

A 44-year-old Louisiana woman, a native of Flatwoods, was struck by a number of pickup trucks. Investigators weren't sure if the woman was actually hit two or three times in a horrific accident that claimed the pedestrian's life.

The accident occurred in the early evening of Feb. 3. Investigators say the approximate time of the accident was 7:20 p.m., which means that the road would have been dark at the time.

A C-section is a surgery with risks to not 1 life, but 2

Whether you choose a C-section over a natural birth, or your circumstances require it, you must remember this is a surgical procedure, and it comes with certain risks. In the minds of many people, a C-section does not qualify as a major surgery.

Assuming that this procedure is "no big deal" is a mistake. In reality, two people, mother and child, could suffer injuries, or worse, if this supposedly simple procedure goes wrong.

Brain injuries: What everyone should know

A brain injury is one of the most devastating types of injuries anyone can suffer -- and most people have no idea exactly how common brain injuries really are.

In fact, brain injuries affect around 2.6 million people in the United States alone -- every single year. Many of those people will eventually recover -- but others will find their lives irrevocably changed. Some will need assistance for the rest of their lives with even basic tasks.

Multivehicle crash claims 2 lives in Louisiana

Devastating accidents can happen in mere fractions of a second. That certainly seemed to be the case when a truck and a pickup collided in Lafayette Parish in Louisiana on Jan. 24, 2019, setting off a chain reaction that claimed two lives.

According to preliminary reports about the investigation, a semitruck driven by a 67-year-old native of Texas was traveling eastbound on 1-10. Construction caused the traffic in that area to slow, but the semi's driver seemed unable to reduce his speed quickly enough to avoid ramming into the rear of a Dodge Ram.

When can you sue for a parking lot injury?

Parking lots can be dangerous places. You have to worry about cars whose drivers are more focused on finding the perfect parking spot than driving, weather conditions that make the ground dangerous to traverse and criminals who may take advantage of a lot's isolated condition.

Is the risk you take all your own? After all, life's full of risks, right?

Suing your doctor for a missed or mistaken diagnosis

It's frustrating -- even infuriating -- to find out that your doctor botched a diagnosis. Maybe you came in complaining of pain, and your doctor (wrongly) assured you it was nothing to be concerned about. Maybe your doctor gave you a diagnosis that just turned out to be way off the mark. Either way, you've certainly got a good reason to be upset.

But, do you have enough reason to sue?

Aggressive drivers pose dangers to everyone

Some Louisiana residents may like to say that they have their own styles of driving. Some people may consider themselves cautious, defensive, good or even assertive drivers. However, some "assertive" actions may actually be better categorized as aggressive. The distinction is important because aggressive drivers pose serious threats to everyone on the road.

Have you ever driven over the speed limit because you were late for work or an appointment? While you think your actions are helping you save time, you are actually putting yourself and others at risk of an accident by driving aggressively.

3 surprising facts about slips, trips and falls

Slip-and-fall accidents are vey common -- and can be outright deadly. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), trips, slips and falls account for 15 percent of all accidental deaths. Only car accidents cause more.

Learning more about slip-and-falls may help prevent them. Here are some important facts you need to keep in mind:

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