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What does 'res ipsa loquitur' mean in medical malpractice claims?

The language of the legal world is somewhat unique unto itself. Common phrases often take on new significance in a legal setting. Uncommon phrases -- some of them in Latin -- also get thrown around a lot.

One of those Latin phrases that gets used a lot in personal injury cases is "res ipsa loquitur." It means, "the thing speaks for itself," in English. While it can be used in a variety of situations, it probably gets the most use in medical malpractice cases -- where it becomes a game-changer for both the plaintiff and the defendant.

4 facts about food poisoning and lawsuits you should know

True food poisoning is a lot more severe than most people realize. A lot of people tend to think of it as something that just leaves you trapped near a bathroom and feeling lousy for a few hours or a day at most. In reality, it can seriously injure or even kill you.

Food poisoning is making big news these days thanks to the fact that romaine lettuce tainted with E. coli has now been found in at least 29 states. Ironically, this means that people are now realizing that "salad" can be just as dangerous as under-cooked meat when they go out to dinner.

Emergency room errors are more common than you might think

Illnesses and injuries often don't happen on your family doctor's schedule. Depending on the severity, you may need to go to an emergency room for a diagnosis and treatment instead of waiting for an appointment with your regular doctor.

You expect for the doctors, nurses and the other staff in the emergency room to provide you with the appropriate standard of care. You expect that you will receive an accurate diagnosis of your condition and the right treatment. It's unfortunate that you may be expecting too much. Emergency room errors are more common than you would think.

Electronic medical records can provide evidence of malpractice

What do you know about your doctor's record-keeping system?

The odds are good that your doctor no longer has paper files. Instead, he or she probably has a specialized computer system that stores electronic medical records, or EMRs. Your local hospital is likely the same way -- in fact, it may have moved into the realm of electronic records before your doctor's office.

Wrong-way drivers: Escaping a disastrous encounter

In the movies, a car speeding the wrong direction down the highway is often played for laughs. In real life, it's terrifying. It also probably happens more often than you realize.

There are as many as 400 of these types of driving accidents on the highway every year -- and most of them involve fatalities. Even at 40 miles per hour, a highway accident is likely to result in death.

First claim filed in deadly charter bus accident

The first lawsuit regarding a deadly charter bus accident in March 2018 has just been filed.

The accident, which took place in Alabama, involved a charter bus company that had suffered four other crashes in two years and had been previously cited due to unsafe driving practices -- once in Texas and once in Louisiana.

Are you a victim of patient abandonment by your pain doctor?

If you're seeing a pain doctor for chronic pain, are you in danger of being abandoned?

Unfortunately, you just might be at risk -- particularly if you receive Oxycontin or any other high-powered opioids. Those have come under increasing scrutiny by officials ever since the current national drug crisis began. Patients everywhere are reporting that their panicked doctors -- many of whom are afraid that they'll attract unwanted legal attention for having too many prescriptions out there -- are closing their doors or taking long-standing patients off their medications. In many cases, this is a disaster for patients.

Your social media presence and your accident claim

The impact of social media on national and world events is untold. There is no question that the worldwide network created through Facebook, Twitter and other popular accounts has brought critical issues into the consciousness of many in Louisiana who may otherwise never have considered them.

Even if you have not noticed the cultural climate through social media, you have likely seen an effect in your own life through your online presence. Perhaps you have reconnected with old school friends, helped return lost pets to their owners or discovered groups who share your hobbies and interests. You have also undoubtedly found an always-ready ear for your joys and complaints, and this may be just what you need after your recent car accident.

Why shouldn't you handle your personal injury case yourself?

America is a do-it-yourself (DIY) type of nation. People are reluctant to hire anybody to handle a job that they think they can figure out on their own. They do it with plumbing, electric work and even home medicine.

However, you really don't want to take the DIY approach when it comes to pursuing compensation for a personal injury. This is why:

Hoverboard injuries: Who is liable?

Hoverboards are basically high-tech skateboards -- and they're becoming immensely popular among American teenagers.

Unfortunately, all that popularity has led to a lot of accidents. It's estimated that about 27,000 children have ended up in the nation's emergency rooms in just a two-year span since the boards were introduced to the market.