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Are safety measures taken to avoid a medication mistake?

Whether through an illness or injury, you ended up hospitalized. Nurses, doctors and other medical professionals come in and out of your room on a routine basis. Depending on your condition, you may not even know why they are there or what they are doing.

During your stay, you will more than likely need medications as part of your treatment and to aid in your recovery. If you aren't a doctor or nurse, you rely on the medical staff attending to you to make sure that you receive the proper medication in the proper dosage at the appropriate time.

Reasons to hire an attorney after a birth injury

You waited nine long months for your baby's birth, and you expected it to be a time of joy and blessings. Instead, something went wrong. Your hopes have been destroyed, and your child's future is uncertain.

But is anybody really to blame for your baby's injuries? You've got a bond with your doctor, and you've been told that a birth injury is just "something that happens." You trust your doctor -- but something feels off.

Louisiana loses first victim to vaping-related illness

Vaping-related illnesses and lawsuits have been spreading all over the nation for months. Louisiana is just the newest state to report that someone has died due to a vaping injury. Thousands more around the country are sick, and some may have permanent disabilities.

Right now, much of the focus is turned toward the victims of what both federal and local health authorities believe are "black market" vapes or vaping cartridges. Early research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that the fatalities may be linked to vitamin E acetate, which is being used as an additive in some products. Despite this, the state Department of Health has recommended that people discontinue using all vaping products and not to rely on them as a replacement for nicotine. They also remind people who don't use tobacco products to avoid picking up the habit.

How do electronic health records lead to malpractice claims?

Every hospital and doctor's office have seemingly moved to electronic health records -- but that may be putting some patients in danger.

The Doctors Company, which is a medical malpractice insurer founded by doctors, released a study in 2017 that indicates that electronic health records (EHRs) are an increasing source of medical malpractice claims. According to their analysis, EHRs were only a factor in 2 claims from all of 2007-2010. By comparison, there were 161 claims involving EHRs from 2011-2016.

When is the most dangerous time to be on the road?

Ask anybody who drives, and they're bound to tell you that some times are worse than others when it comes to being on the road. The odds are high that you, also, have your "least favorite" time to be on the road. Maybe it's right after the churches let out on Sunday or right after the first few days of the month when many seniors receive their retirement benefits and are out shopping. If you commute, you may even have a strategy to beat the morning rush-hour traffic so that you minimize your danger -- especially on those sleepy Mondays when it doesn't seem like every driver has had their coffee.

But, would you believe that Saturday is actually the most dangerous day of the week to drive? That's the word according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) latest study. In fact, Saturdays are actually twice as deadly for drivers as Tuesdays (the safest day to drive).

Are you responsible if your smart car gets hacked?

Years ago, cars were purely mechanical in nature. The modern vehicle, however, usually has any number of sophisticated electronic components. Some modern "smart" cars even have computers that are capable of steering the vehicle.

Everybody knows that any computer can likely be hacked -- and that could lead to accidents. If someone on the other end of a keyboard disables your vehicle in the middle of the road or takes over your controls and causes and accident, who is liable for the resulting damage and injuries? The answers may surprise you:

Don't ignore these symptoms after a Louisiana collision

Whether you saw a potential problem on the road and were simply unable to safely react to avoid a crash or the sudden impact of collision seemingly came out of nowhere, recovering from a car accident can be stressful. You were likely taken to a Louisiana hospital after the accident. However, injuries aren't always immediately apparent, so if you went home thinking everything was fine, it's important to pay attention to how you feel in the days that follow.

You might assume that people who suffer traumatic brain injuries are typically unconscious or severely bleeding when they arrive at the hospital. The fact is, however, you might have a brain injury and not even know it right away. You might not develop symptoms for hours or even days later. That's why it's important to know how to recognize symptoms and seek medical attention if something doesn't seem right.

Accidental poisoning is now a major cause of death

If you live in Louisiana, you're more likely to be killed through accidental poisoning than in a car accident. In fact, the margin between the two isn't even close thanks to the ongoing opioid epidemic and the number of drug overdoses in the state.

That's the latest word from the medical toxicologists at the Louisiana State University New Orleans School of Public Health. According to Dr. James Diaz, who is the Head of Environmental & Occupational Health at the school, "Deaths from drugs...opioids, prescribed and illicit, far exceed motor vehicle deaths."

What kinds of cerebral palsy are there?

Birth injuries are devastating to both newborns and their parents -- especially because they're often preventable. Cerebral palsy, for example, is often the result of a doctor's mistake instead of the consequences of bad genetics or other complications.

Most people don't actually know that much about cerebral palsy, however, so let's look at the variations of this condition and how they might affect your child.

What serious medical conditions are most often overlooked?

It's frustrating to be sick and not know what's wrong with you. It's even more frustrating that doctors don't always take the time to listen to their patients. Far too often, symptoms get dismissed as "just stress" instead of getting the attention that they deserve. Months (or even years) later, you learn that you actually have a serious medical condition that needs treatment.

Here's a scary statistic that you always have to keep in mind: one out of every 20 patients who seek outpatient treatment for their medical problems will end up being misdiagnosed. Diagnostic errors are to blame for roughly 10% of patient deaths.

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