Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Can Be Life-Threatening

Symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath or general malaise can lead you to your primary doctor or care clinic. In severe cases, these symptoms may lead you to the local emergency room. Many people seeking medical treatment do not know the source of their ailment and are simply seeking medical attention for diagnosis. Their trust is placed fully in the doctor they see.

When a serious injury or disease goes misdiagnosed, it can go untreated, resulting in worsened conditions, even fatalities. I am Vincent J. DeSalvo, Attorney at Law, an experienced attorney focused on representing victims and families who have suffered from serious misdiagnosis. I have been serving the communities of Baton Rouge and Houma, Louisiana, for over 40 years.

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Identifying Cases Of Misdiagnosis

Not every case of late-stage discovery is considered malpractice or misdiagnosis. There are some cases where a doctor would not have been able to detect an illness or injury, even if the patient came in early on.

However, a doctor may be held liable for failing to perform the right tests, asking the right questions or eliminating possibilities before making a final diagnosis. As a patient, you trust your doctor's ability to make the right determination about your condition.

When your case is treated negligently, you may be eligible for significant compensation if I can prove your doctor or staff are liable for errors. Such errors can include failing do tests such as blood work, ignoring symptoms or not doing follow-up exams.

Diagnosis When It Is Too Late To Help

Many cases result in wrongful death when a patient who is not diagnosed early cannot be treated in time to effectively fight off a disease. As an attorney, this is an extremely tragic case to advise a grieving family on. If you or someone you love is dying because of a failure to diagnose cancer or another disease, I can help you recover damages and hold all parties responsible.

I am a lawyer who is sensitive to the difficulty of these cases and understands the severe loss faced by your family. It is my priority to get the compensation you need and deserve so that your family can begin to move forward.

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