Baton Rouge Shoulder Dystocia Attorney

While occurring in a very small amount of births, shoulder dystocia is a condition that could lead to serious consequences to both your child and the mother of your child. In some cases, doctors may miss warning signs, which can lead to shoulder dystocia occurring during your child's birth.

As a parent, you can put your trust in me, medical malpractice attorney Vincent J. DeSalvo, if your child is the victim of an avoidable birth injury like shoulder dystocia. You can focus on your child's health while leaving the complicated legal work of seeking compensation to me.

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What Is Shoulder Dystocia?

This condition occurs when, during the birth, your child's head comes out, but the shoulder gets caught behind the mother's pubic bone, preventing the rest of the child from passing through the birth canal.

If the child is not delivered quickly enough, he or she could die due to compression of the umbilical cord. Injuries to the brachial plexus are also a common risk of shoulder dystocia, which could leave your child with permanent nerve damage.

A Lawyer Who Can Determine if Doctors Ignored the Warning Signs

Some common risk factors for shoulder dystocia include mothers who are obese or diabetic, or fetuses which are larger than normal. Additionally, there are proven methods for helping to deliver the baby after shoulder dystocia occurs, many of which involve shifting the position of the mother.

When doctors ignore these warning signs or do not undertake measures to deliver your child injury-free, I will work with my network of experts to determine where mistakes were made and their effects on your child. This is important when you will likely need compensation to cover years or a lifetime of medical expenses for your child.

That is why you need to remember that you have options, and a right to pursue recovery in circumstances like this. Contact my law firm online or call 225-224-0383 to schedule a free consultation at Vincent J. DeSalvo, Attorney at Law, today.